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Jared Wilson

Best decision I have ever made!

I met Dr. Wilson in January 2022 for a consultation for lower back pain which was a result of knee pain and weak muscles. A combination of meniscus tears from sports, surgeries and arthritis, I was on a fast track to knee replacement in my early 40s.

Dr. Wilson suggested the knee rebalancing program which for me, was an 18-treatment program in office and at home- concentrating on rebalancing muscles and progressing through movement. I was hesitant at first given the no push for surgery or drugs. I was skeptical this would work for me as nothing in the past had.

As for someone in their early 40s walking from one side of the room to the other would cause pain, It was difficult to interact and play with my children or stand for any length of time. I needed to do something and do something differently. Once I considered my options of waiting another 20 years to have knee replacement and poorly managing the pain, I decided it was time I invested in myself. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference! I was able to get up and off the floor with little effort or pain, another few weeks I was able to walk a mile pain free.

This has been the best decision I have made for myself.  With this treatment I have regained a quality of life for someone my age. The biggest gain of all is being pain free.


Daisy P.

Springfield, OR

Age 42


Before I began seeing Dr. Wilson at core strength chiropractic, I had never once been but was always curious what a chiropractor could do. As one of the strongest strength athletes in the country my body has taken a pounding from all of the heavy lifting. After my first session, it felt like I was 10 years younger instantly and my performance in the gym improved right away. After regular adjustments, it's something I can't see not having. I experience no pain and I have better function throughout my entire body. I recommend my clients also see Jared Wilson to further promote health and wellness to their entire bodies and their overall fitness.

Will Dinwiddie Owner Epic Fitness Solutions

Oregon's Strongest Man Champion 2011

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