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Jared Wilson

Up until recently I had not understood the importance of the Chiropractic profession until I had met Dr. Jared Wilson of Core Strength Chiropractic's. As an athlete I have always suffered from minor to severe aches and pains in my hips, back, and neck and had come to accept these pains as a normal menace and daily occurrence.

One evening earlier this year at a large and locally sanction martial arts event where Dr. Wilson had a booth and adjustment table set up, I had just finished competing when Dr. Wilson gave me a trial adjustment, and never before having been adjusted, I really didn't know what to expect. What happened was I felt GREAT! Never before after a martial arts competition had I felt that good, and I actually went home that night without the usual creeks and pains in my back and neck. Ever since that night, I have worked with Core Strength Chiropractic and Dr. Jared Wilson on a regular basis for everything from basic adjustments from every day wear and tear to sleeping wrong. Cold Laser treatments on joints and ligament’s from sports injuries, nutritional and fitness advice. All the while he has always maintained a very friendly and professional environment at his office that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Now Core Strength Chiropractic has become an all important part of my regular training and fitness regimen, especially as a professional athlete. This has done nothing but benefit me tremendously, both in my physical and mental health. Even if I were not an athlete, I still would implement Core Strength Chiropractic into my daily lifestyle, for who would not like to feel great in their joints and bones instead of the aches and pains we all experience from normal wear and tear in our everyday lives? And I will never be able to stress enough on how much physical wellness improves mood and translates into mental wellness. All you have to do is try it once!

-Corey Wyatt

Professional MMA Competitor & Trainer


Before I began seeing Dr. Wilson at core strength chiropractic, I had never once been but was always curious what a chiropractor could do. As one of the strongest strength athletes in the country my body has taken a pounding from all of the heavy lifting. After my first session, it felt like I was 10 years younger instantly and my performance in the gym improved right away. After regular adjustments, it's something I can't see not having. I experience no pain and I have better function throughout my entire body. I recommend my clients also see Jared Wilson to further promote health and wellness to their entire bodies and their overall fitness.

Will Dinwiddie Owner Epic Fitness Solutions

Oregon's Strongest Man Champion 2011

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