Sports Injuries

Biomechanics is the way the muscles and the joints work together to allow movement. When the body's biomechanics are out of sync, the muscles contract inappropriately and cause instability and injury. Adjusting the spine and the extremities (especially the ankles, feet, and wrists) restores those biomechanics and can prevent injury from occurring. If the injury has already occurred, then these adjustments will help the healing process and decrease recovery time.

When an injury occurs, Dr. Wilson will evaluate your injury, apply the proper techniques to return your body to optimum performance, and then he will go over simple rehabilitation exercises that can be performed at home with minimal equipment to aid in your recovery process.

Exercise, especially participation in sports, drains the body's nutritional stores. These nutritional stores are essential to your body's core strength, building your body's ability to prevent injury and recover quickly. Dr. Wilson will discuss dietary recommendations and the use of supplements to increase the body's optimum function. Sore muscles and injured ligaments recover faster when vital nutrients are restored rapidly and efficiently.

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