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Stop living with pain. You don't need to go through life relying on pain medication to carry you through each day. At Core Strength Chiropractic, we treat the body as a whole, because your body is designed to work as a whole. When one area is out of sync, the whole body suffers. The only way to restore your body to peak performance is to bring everything back into alignment. Using this holistic approach to chiropractic, we address the source and any underlying causes of your pain, rather than masking the symptoms.

Core Strength Chiropractic uses a combination of adjusting techniques, soft tissue therapies, and all natural, whole food supplements to treat your condition. All treatments are customized to best suit your body and your needs. Even though you are ultimately in charge of your own health, our goal is to provide you with the techniques that will restore your body's core strength.

At Core Strength Chiropractic, we treat a variety of injuries and complaints.
Do you have a new sports injury, or an old injury that just won't heal? Click on our Sports Injuries link to learn what we can do for you.
Have you been in a motor vehicle accident or been injured at work? If so, we will help you heal from your car accident injuries or work related accident.

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