Proper nutrition is vital to your body's core strength. A person could eat all day and be full, but if they don't fill their body with the correct vitamins and minerals, their muscles and immune system begin to starve. Replacing these nutritional stores is essential to optimum health. For those interested, Core Strength Chiropractic uses supplements from Standard Process, a company that has been specializing in natural medicine since 1929. Dr. Wilson offers these homeopathic remedies to assist the body where needed. In addition to basic supplements like daily vitamins, Core Strength Chiropractic also carries items to help with specific conditions including, but not limited to, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, liver congestion, and digestive disorders. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, or one not listed here, please discuss it at your next visit.

Dr. Wilson is also available if you wish to schedule an in-office nutritional consultation. Please call if you have any questions. Phone: 541-341-1414

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